Oil NY Namman Muay 120ml


Regeneration and overall beneficial effect in all types of sports injuries

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Oil – the original Thai liniment of the Devakam company with more than 85 years of tradition is used for intensive massages before and after physical activity. The liniment accelerates the athlete and keeps him warm for a longer time, which significantly reduces the possibility of injury during training. Thai oil is well known after the intense scent of Thai herbs.

No other product on the market today is as effective as Namman Muay in activating muscles and joints during exercise and accelerating regeneration after it. In Slovenia, it is precisely the top athletes who were the first to realize the incredible effectiveness of Thai oil, which they use in the face of the heavy physical effort they encounter in training and competitions.

Nothing else is as effective at relaxing tired muscles and joints as a result of age or daily repetitive movements in the workplace. Even improper exercise, without proper coach supervision, can lead your body to a state where even the simplest house chores become a big challenge.

No other product has managed to survive in the world of professional martial arts, as top fighters use only Namman Muay in their training!


  • the oil is activated during an intensive massage or by application just before physical activity
  • the lubricating structure of the oil allows for longer massages
  • the oil initially gives a feeling of intense heat, which eventually turns into cooling
  • for regenerative purposes, it can also be lubricated with oil after exercise
  • the distinctive scent of Thai herbs relieves muscle fatigue
    improves joint mobility
  • offers relief in the worst situations, bumps, injuries, sprains, …


  • athletes and the elderly, and all persons who do not have the capacity for sports massages or physiotherapy
  • athletes who want to have an extra warm body during the bait,
  • for tension in muscles and joints, and as a complementary care for other ailments for faster beneficial relief


Methyl salicylate, Paraffinum Liquidum, Aqua, Ethyl alcohol, Globulus (Eucalyptus) Leaf Oil, C.I. 19140, C.I. 15985, menthol, limonene *, citronellol *, geraniol *




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